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Georgioupolis is located on the border between Rethymno Prefecture to the east and Chania in the west, while in the second part. The area around Georgioupolis is Apokoronas with picturesque villages and very green. The river empties into the Almyros Georgioupolis, and shortly before forming a small lake that is home to many birds and animals. The lake seen from the highway as you approach Georgioupolis from Chania. Entering the village, you will see many eucalyptus trees, both on the road and in the square, and a number of cypress trees create a beautiful picture.

Georgioupolis Beach stretches 2km east of the river Almyrou until Kavros beach, which is a natural continuation of the first. As the entire seafront of 10km, the beach is sandy, with big dunes and shallow waters. It is very well organized, with lifeguard and ideal for children.