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The Palaíkastron is really a lively village, located on the eastern edge of Crete 20 km away from Sitia and is the seat of the municipality Itanou. Palaecastro is named after an old castle that was in the village. Although the village grew in recent years, has continued to maintain its character and charm. The Palaíkastron with fertile hills, the important antiquities and wonderful beaches is a growing area of Sitia. In the city there is a folk museum and many cultural events take place.

A pleasant short walk of 20 minutes Palaíkastron leads to several beautiful, tranquil beaches, one of which is the Gulf of Kouremenou known for suitable winds for surfing Guinea. The largest natural palm forest in Europe, located in the beautiful beach of Vai is only 8km from Palaíkastron and worth a visit during your stay in the area.