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The Municipal District Mírthios includes settlements Mírthios, Calypso, Campos, Red Lands, Plakias and Phoenix. The Mírthios is 36 kilometer from Rethymnon and has beautiful views over the bay of Plakias and the Libyan Sea. It is the birthplace of the great linguist George Hadjidakis. It is the second largest municipal district with 536 inhabitants according to the census of 2001 and featured a traditional settlement. According to tradition, the name of the village comes from the word periwinkle because once the center of the village there was a great mytria which currently does not exist. The locals are not all genuine Cretans.

Many came mainly from Greece, but there are settlers from Sfakia and other parts of Crete. The village came to live and privateers. Specially, at the beach called Paligremnos out large squid in the sand which residents gather with long rods. In Myrthio owned half canyon Kotsifou (the other half belongs to Selia). The canyon is located west of the mountain and then Kouroupa peak Kryoneritis. One of the many sources of the gorge is named Mary Swim. In Nioschorio was a small monastery that ruled the monastery Prevelis.