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Keratokambos is a seaside village in the province Viannou the prefecture of Heraklion. It is a port of the Upper Viannou. The length of the coast is about 7 km. The beach is an attraction there and gorge ends Kavoussi. Central church is that of St. Panteleimon. To the north is the coast of the valley of the river Keratokampiti. This river is on the way through the rugged gorge of Portela, which continued on a smaller gorge. Keratokambos is a small seaside resort located 72km southeast of Heraklion, a few kilometers east of Tsoutsoura and Viannou.

Keratokambos, together with the adjoining castle, the last years are an emerging tourist destination, as more and more visitors come to the area to enjoy its beautiful beaches. Indeed, in front of the village Keratokambos unfolds a huge beach several kilometers long. The beaches east of Keratokambos are a good choice for the bathroom, but must see the amazing beaches of Thief and Armenopetra close.